6 Car insurance renewal Tips

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Today it was time to renew my personal car insurance.

I had got the renewal 2 weeks previous but was waiting till renewal date as insurance companies can do it cheaper if it’s the renewal day.

I called the company whom i was with and they quoted me €750 which i felt wasn’t very competitive.

I went to another broker and said a few things which brought the premium down to €535..

Here are a few tips which reduce your Car insurance.

* If you have a partner,Put he or she on the policy

*Don’t renew until the day or day before you go to renew

*Some insurance companies do group discounts for occupations,so some people get massive discounts as a result,you can email me about this

*Make sure you have an alarm or immobilizer.

*Only insure the car for what it’s worth, as it’s all you’ll get paid

*If you have 2 homes and one address is rural use it, as country people get cheaper quotes


For any queries on car insurance or who to use,email me at darragh.farrell@yes.ie