Been honest with your Life insurance

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Recently i had a client who had a serious illness and his wife called me for a claim form.

Usually we sort things out fairly snappy and they receive their lump sum payment within a few weeks.It’s a part of my job that i receive massive satisfaction,obviously not that the client took ill but that we can help take the financial burden of medical/living costs away.

When the insurance company looked for information from his doctor ,it was completely different to what they were told.Unfortunately the claim wasn’t paid and all he got was a refund of his premiums.


What I’m saying here is don’t pay for a policy that won’t cover you,be honest.Tell the adviser all your medical details,(ie if you take a blood pressure tablet etc).Also don’t try to play the smart ass and say you don’t smoke if you do ,again this does lead to non-payouts from Life insurance companies.If you haven’t smoked in the last year then yes, you are a non smoker,the odd sneaky one on a Saturday night is deemed a smoker i’m afraid.

But at least your covered,be it for an extra cost per month but you then have the peace of mind that if anything happens , both myself and my family are protected.

Be honest!


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