Home insurance renewals

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Be careful what your renewing.

If you took out home insurance with your bank that gave you your mortgage,the chances are your paying up to 30% too much.

Some people just let the home insurance renew automatically,be careful of this,shop around or go directly to a broker and let them do it for you.

Brokers get group scheme rates that banks or individuals cant get,hence get the best home insurance prices.

I have seen home insurance policies that massively over cover the client,banks mis-sold these so they got a bigger slice of commission.

The chances are your rebuild value has reduced dramatically since Celtic tiger years and also contents cover is usually enough at 10% of rebuild.If you have high value items(jewellery etc)insure them on the policy separately.


There are so many reasons why not to¬† let it renew automatically each year,get the right policy at the right price and don’t be paying banks extra commissions.


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