How Do I Get Life Insurance in Ireland?

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If you have a young family chances are you have given some thought to getting a life insurance to protect the people you care about in the event that you die. Even if you do not have young children but you still have dependents who rely on you, young or old, getting life insurance is a great way to cover your loved ones so that they will be secure and comfortable without you. But what exactly do you need to do to get life insurance. We will discuss how to get life insurance coverage so that you know what to expect.

Figure out What you Need

The first step in getting life insurance comes before you even get a life insurance provider and start the application. The first thing you will need to figure put is what kind of coverage you will actually need in terms of the amount of the coverage, the type of coverage, and the term of your coverage. for more information on this part of the process read our blog titled Things you Should Know Before you Take out Life Insurance by following the link below.

Find a Provider

Once you know what you want the next step will be to find an insurance provider. Make sure that you take the time to shop around and get different quotes from as many different providers as you can. You want to make sure you find a provider that is not too expensive for you. However, you also want to be wary of going too cheap because you might end up with an insurance company that will not provide you with the best service or the coverage you deserve.

The Proposal

Once you find an insurance provider that you like you will then fill out an application known as the proposal. This application will ask for a lot of important information such as your doctor’s name, details concerning your lifestyle, your medical history, and the medical history of your family among other things.

It is important that you remain honest when filling out your life insurance proposal. If you do not disclose all details concerning your life that might be relevant for the insurance it may potentially invalidate you coverage, and your dependents may be prevented from making a claim.

You also might be requested by your life insurance company to have a medical examination after you fill out the application. This is not usually the case, but if you are applying for a large amount of coverage, if you are on the older side, or you have a history of a particular illness then you may need to be examined.

What Will Affect the Price of My Plan?

Your premium payment is mostly effected by the type of policy you want and the term of your coverage. However, there are a few other factors that might also affect the price you pay for life insurance. These factors include:

  • Current/Past Health – If you have a medical condition and/or a history of certain illnesses in your family you will typically need pay a higher premium.
  • Smoking Habits – Premiums for smokers can be as much as double the cost for non-smokers due to an increased risk of people who smoke dying young.
  • Your Age – You will likely have to deal with a higher premium the older you are, as the risk of death increases with age.
  • Lifestyle and Work – Your premium may be increased if your work or lifestyle interests are likely to put you at a greater risk of dying early or suddenly. For example, if you partake in more dangerous hobbies such as horseback riding or rock climbing with increased risks of injury or death, you may have to deal with a higher premium

Assuming there are no outstanding issues with your application, then you should get approved for coverage by your insurance company, and start paying premiums for your plan.