New Insurance enhancements

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This week new Ireland assurance have launched a couple of new enhancements.

Firstly they will match the best price on the market for any life assurance or serious illness polices and then add on 12% more cover for free,so clients are getting best price on market with an additional 12% cover.

This is an excellent benefit to bring to the market and it currently makes sense for people to look at new Ireland assurance if looking for Life assurance.

Mortgage protection-

New Ireland have also decided to take 10% off the best price for Mortgage protection which now brings them into competition with the other insurers.If you are currently taking out a new mortgage it is important to go through a broker as you wont get these Mp discounts with a bank-Zurich are actually offering 17% off best price,Aviva and Royal london are 15% with both offering the first months cover for free.I’m glad to see New ireland offering this discount as they had their heals dug in for along time.

Now every provider in Ireland will do a discount on Mortgage protection bar Irish life,they refuse to come down on their price.

Pension term assurance-

New Ireland have now said they will take 10% of the best pension term cover price.

This type of policy is essentially a Life assurance plan that you can claim tax relief on(mostly taken out by self employed)

It is always a cheaper way of doing life assurance and it’s fantastic that you can claim tax relief on it but it is seriously undersold so don’t be afraid to ask your broker about it.

Ps. this policy can’t be assigned to a bank so it can’t be used as a mortgage protection plan but use it as a personal family protection plan.

Investment funds-

New ireland have just launched an easy access smart fund which will go down a treat.

Before this clients had to lock their monies away for 5 years and were penalized by paying between  2-5% charges if they took money out within the first 5 years.

So now with this easy access fund they can take money out at any time without any penalties-excellent move by new Ireland.