What’s 49 In Meath and 54 In Cork?

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Answer – the average age of serious illness claimants in those two counties.

We know that when it comes to choosing a protection provider, claims are the most important thing to you, and at Irish Life we want to pay claims. During 2015 the average weekly amount we paid out in claims to families was almost €4 million.

I have wrote about the importance of serious illness in previous blogs,it pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with cancer/Heart attack,brain tumor etc etc,80 illness are covered.

It’s basically peace of mind that if you or your family become ill you have Financial protection.

On average it takes about 2 years to recover from a serious illness,that’s a long time absent from work, but the bills will still keep coming.

There are also other ways of taken out serious illness cover and claiming tax relief.

Children are also covered on these policies up to 21 for a max of 25k.

It’s a must have for all families!


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