Yourself and your family are the most important insurance.

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I see it every day,people calling me panicking over their home insurance because the price has gone up €80 and can i get them a better deal?

Other people ask me questions on their pets and what’s best insurance policy to take out on them.Car insurance queries are non stop also.

A lot of people are guilty of insuring their cars,homes,phones and pets, yet don’t bother with Life insurance,yet when i ask any of my clients what is the most important thing to you in this world,i always get same answer ,my Family.

My partner,my kids,my family.

Why do some people insure and protect everything in their life except their prized possession?

To be fair 65-70% of people would have some kind of life insurance but of those 65%covered the majority of people have not got enough life insurance to make sure their families have enough to Pay off bills and live reasonably comfortably from day to day.

Another thing i hear is ,”ah I’m very healthy, i don’t intend on getting sick”

None of us do my friend, but the fact is your human ,we all get sick!

Expect the unexpected,cover your most valuable asset,YOUR FAMILY.

Life insurance is a lot cheaper than people think and gives you the most important thing of all,Peace of mind that if anything goes wrong,your covered.

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