Advantages of an Online Mortgage

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When you think of an online mortgage you may think quick and easy. Although those are the obvious things that jump out at you, there are other advantages that fly under the radar. Here are three:

  1. You can do it on your own time.
  • Typically most banks are open 9am-6pm. This means if you want to get a mortgage (not online), you probably have to leave work. If you work for a small company, you may not have time for that. If you work for a large company, you may get pay docked. Nobody wants to leave work to struggle with intricate financial documents. The advantage of an online mortgage is that you can find mortgages at any time of the day.

2. There are more options

  • Through an online mortgage, a customer has more options to choose from. Here at, we give the customer an assortment of information to choose from so that buyers can easily examine and cross reference between the variety of mortgages that banks offer. We have the time and resources to find the customer the very best results.

3. The process is less difficult

  • At, you can easily upload documents online. For example, you can upload your passport, ID, pay slips, credit card verification, pps number, personal account bank statement, proof of address, salary certificate and p60 from your laptop at home. This is much easier than having to drive to and from the bank to pick up and drop off paperwork. We make your mortgage process less time consuming.