Hottest trends in mortgage tech 2020

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The current situation has only accelerated the advancement of mortgage technology. Mortgage companies across the world are focusing on growing their technological footprint to obtain more customers in this age of the internet. As the mortgage industry advances, mortgage companies will be faced with a choice: adapt to the internet age or fade into irrelevance entirely. The more that technology advances, the more that companies will be faced with new challenges and even bigger potential opportunities for growth. Let’s get into the hottest trends in 2020 mortgage technology.

  1. Use Blockchain

Companies are increasingly turning to blockchain technology to provide both transparency and verification in the world of data. Companies need to do so as they create more data and the rate of transactions increase, both in the mortgage industry and beyond. [1]

Blockchain is a complicated technique. For those less tech-savy such as myself, blockchain is an electronic system in which a large volume of transactions, called blocks, are linked by a peer-to-peer network. [2] The blockchain technique originated for use in the cryptocurrencies market but has gradually expanded to industries outside of this market. Blockchain offers enhanced security, record-keeping, and faster transactions for whoever decides to use it. Those benefits alone are enough to incentivize their use in any company that uses the internet these days.

  1. Utilize Dynamic Digital Tools

Companies that use dynamic digital tools for business purposes will have a leg up on their competitors in the coming years. By using tools such as robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and intelligent automation, businesses can significantly expand their capabilities. [1]

With RPA, businesses can development software to greatly reduce the time and resources they need to complete certain tasks by automating the process. Corporations can use machine learning to analyze large amounts of mortgage data and predict trends in their mortgage market based off a variety of indicated factors. IA uses both artificial intelligence in addition to automation can do a whole host of things. IA can either complete basic tasks with automation, analyze large amounts of data, and everything in-between. Some companies are already developing chatbots and compliance bots to improve the customer experience and track new regulations respectively.

  1. Make the Cloud your Priority

The mortgage industry has been slow to adopt technological change. Thankfully, many companies are developing technologies that emphasize the importance of cloud-based technology. Using cloud technology allows companies to do a whole host of things, such as; data backup, staying up to date on security patches, staying up to date with compliance and regulations. Companies that don’t adopt cloud technology soon will be left in the dust. [1]

  1. Use technology to make the customer experience better

Customer experience is one of the main deciding factors in where customers decide to shop. Customer engagement is what leads to more sales and potential revenue streams. Engagement for the customer depends on two important factors: choice and utility. [1]

If a company’s service isn’t easy to use and straightforward, customers will just go to another company that provides the same service but in a easier to use layout. If customers enjoy their experience with the company, they are more likely to stick with that company for a long time.

Additionally, customers nowadays are looking for efficient ways to complete their desired tasks. Customers want a variety of content services to choose from in a mortgage company. Mortgage companies can’t just stay in one lane anymore. Companies need to diversify what they offer to provide customers the best user experience possible.

This article was written by Ian, an intern at Irish Mortgage Brokers and from the USA.