How do I know if I’m ready to sell my home?

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Selling your home can be an emotional, stressful process. You want to ensure that you can capitalize on the value of your home and make a return, but it may also be challenging to part ways with the memories made within the home. Therefore, it is important to understand that selling your home probably won’t be easy.

So, how do you know if you are ready to sell? There are several things to keep in mind when you are thinking about selling. Being honest through the process will help you determine whether you are genuinely ready to sell. 

Home Equity

Before putting your home up for sale, it is important to gain a sense of the equity that you have accumulated in your home. After all, there is nothing worse than selling your home when you have negative equity. The first step in determining how much equity you have is finding your current mortgage balance located on your most recent mortgage statement. Next, have a real estate agent estimate the property’s market value. Finally, subtract the current mortgage balance from the market value to determine your equity amount. 

Your current equity is a significant factor to consider when selling your home, especially if you plan on buying a new property after selling. You will want to have enough equity to cover the down payment of the next mortgage.

Affordability and Lifestyle

Another item to consider to determine whether you are ready to sell your home is if you can afford to purchase a home that better fits with your lifestyle. It is normal to outgrow your home. However, you want to ensure that you can afford to buy the home that comes next before selling your current one.

Emotionally Ready

Being financially ready to sell your home is one thing, but being emotionally ready is an entirely different thing. Are you ready to sell the home where your family has made all of their memories? Are you ready to deal with showings and prospective buyers? Are you ready for long negotiations? The selling process may not be quick and simple, and ensuring that you are emotionally ready to sell is key.

Selling and Moving Expenses

Selling and moving both cost money. When selling your home, you may need to pay for maintenance and repairs and pay contractors, stagers, and a solicitor. In terms of moving, you may need to pay for movers and/or rent a moving truck. All of these expenses can add up, so having the money needed to cover these expenses can be helpful. 

Selling your home is a major decision, and it is not something that should be rushed. Considering these items may help you determine if you are ready to sell.