Online mortgages

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How do you do an online mortgage? We believe we have solved it by using mobile technology. In the past a lot of financial services went on to the internet but mortgages remained stubbornly rooted in the past where paper was still highly prevalent.

The issue was usually that of identification, verification and packaging of what is a simple but complex set of documents, it was cheaper to have people do this work than to utilise the type of technology that could overcome it with machines.

PC oriented mortgage technology did make advancements, but it still meant people were scanning and printing, it wasn’t until mobile phones, smart phones in particular became ubiquitous that the opportunity truly arose.

With that in mind we combined algorithmic mortgage solutions with mobile technology to bring you our new solution which allows you to get an approval in principle in as little as 7 minutes. This used to take weeks. We can get documentation to a bank rapidly and with better organisation so the process all becomes quicker too.

Try it for yourself and see, we believe that online mortgages and mobile technology will mean that one day you’ll switch a loan with little more than your fingerprint and a contract, but until then we plan to be on the cutting edge of mortgage technology so that getting a home and the finance to do it with becomes faster, easier, and better for everybody.