Cancer survival Fund

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After watching the news last night i noticed that this cancer fund has been abolished.

It provided 2 or 3k  to cancer patients who had no insurance or money for treatment,it’s sad to see it go.

But been realistic it’s not worth much and once again it struck me how important it is for parents to take out serious illness cover on themselves.

Once a parent has serious illness,their children are covered for 50% of the parents cover up to a max of 25k until 18,(21 if in college)

So the 25k would make some difference for treatments etc rather than a lousy 2k that has now been abolished.

I know that not everyone can afford a €50 a month serious illness plan but

i would be fairly certain that 80% of the population can.

Cancer is a horrible disease that has touched everyone one of us in some way.

Protect your own,don’t let this disease destroy your family for a small amount of money every month.

Mail me at for a quote that will suit you and your family.