Coronavirus Update

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Update on Insurance,Pension and investment plans:


With the unforeseen scenario we are in, it is very important to keep all life assurance policies in force as we hopefully get through this soon.

In regard to pensions,if anybody has lost their job or is finding it difficult to contribute i can put a freeze on payments for the next 3 months or so.

In relation to funds,we are only advising switching to lower risk/cash funds if you are nearing retirement as if you switch now and the recovery happens then you will miss the jump back in equities so my advice is ride this out.

Equities will recover and ups and downs are part of the process of savings and investment.

If you have any queries on your pension with us please mail me on or you can still contact me for advice if you have your pension through another broker or bank and i’ll be glad to help.

Darragh 086-8929232