Home Insurance discounts

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As we all know home insurance is very important and it’s also important that you disclose everything when looking for cover.

Some insurers will advise you that you need 70-80k contents cover(it helps insurance companies increase premiums) but in my experience 25-50k is plenty assuming you cover any expensive jewelery separately and it’s no harm covering bicycles outside the house so if your on holidays and your bike is stolen you can claim for this.

Contents Insurance covers household goods and personal belongings – items you can take with you if you move. It is worth insuring these items as they can be expensive to replace.

Your belongings include furnishings – free-standing furniture, carpets, lamps and curtains and of course all your personal belongings – clothes, cash in your home, cameras and jewellery.

Going to a broker for house insurance makes more sense as they can get group scheme policies for certain professions,we here at yes.ie get group scheme discounts for Teachers,engineers,office staff,Garda and many more professions so don’t just go directly to an insurance company for your quote.

A tip i would give you is try get a standard alarm fitted to your house and try and make sure your doors and windows have key operated locks,this can give you a further discount of up to 20%. Also if your house is in a neighbourhood watch area make sure you disclose this to the insurer for a further discount.

So don’t forget to me email me at darragh.farrell@yes.ie for any queries you have on your home insurance policy.