How can I determine my housing needs before I begin the search?

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Choosing a home is not a simple step. This is an important milestone and a great responsibility. After you will buy your new home, you begin to measure the time of your life as “before” and “since”. This is confidence in your future and in the future of your children.

Choosing a home, we are faced with the difficulty of preference. The whole heap of these pictures complicates our task. Here let’s look at several effective ways to rationalize this difficult choice.

  • Your choice

Facing the choice of their own home, who, if not you, has the right to declare an intention to live in a specified home. Make sure the criteria are yours, and yours alone. Suggestions from others can be helpful, but do not let them cloud your judgment.

  • Spaciousness

It is obvious that with a lack of rooms, a certain discomfort can arise. But it is also worth considering the fact that too many rooms partly leads to some part of them being idle. But they need to be cleaned and heated, which costs time, effort, and money. If you plan to often have guests in the house, think about the need for a guest bedroom.

  • Place

But what to prefer: a suburban house, or a house within the city limits, or maybe even a house far from the city? When choosing the location of the home, in addition to personal sympathies, you need to take into account a number of circumstances, which at first glance are not so obvious. If your family has children, then it is worth thinking about where they will study and how to get to school. And if you work in the city, how long will it take you to get to your office from the suburbs?

  • Price

It often happens that when buying a house, future owners forget to ask how much it costs to maintain. However, this is not an unimportant point: it also happens that the costs of maintaining a house and a plot exceed the usual rent by two or three times. It is helpful to inquire about costs such as electricity and gas charges, land tax, property tax, waste collection costs.

  • Future

What plans are you making for your future home? Do you think of it as a family home or just for yourself? Therefore, you should look at your future home as an investment: what are you investing your money in, and how will it turn out in reality?

Written by Bader Albader, market researcher.