Quick Guide to getting a Mortgage in Ireland for Foreigners or non-Irish Citizens

Are you on an EU/EEA citizens or non-EU/EEA citizens on a stamp? Have you ever wondered if you can get a mortgage in Ireland as a foreign national? Yes, you can, if you are legally resident in Ireland and meet the lending criteria.

This applies to EU/EEA citizens or non-EU/EEA citizens on a stamp 1 (critical skill), Stamp 1 (general), Stamp 4 or Stamp 1G (Spousal). Depending on the lenders criteria, you will generally have to show the lender that you are living and working in Ireland for a certain period (most cases been 6 months or 1 year).

Just like Irish citizens, all mortgage products would be available to you subject to lending criteria. The mortgage products available depends on the buyer. For example, a first-time buyer can get a primary dwelling home but cannot get an investment property as the lenders would need you to have your own main home before you can get a mortgage to buy an investment property.

Non-Irish citizens can also avail of any of the rates the lender can offer. The rates do not differ. The rate options you would be offered would be based on the amount you are borrowing, the property you are buying (whether the BER rating is between A1 – B3) and how much of the purchase price you need from the bank (maximum you can get is 90% of the purchase price).

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