Serious illness policies

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What is serious illness cover??

We have all heard of it yet many people don’t fully understand what it is.

Things i regularly hear are,i have vhi so i dont need this or i have income protection through work,unfortunately none of these policies are serious illness.

A Serious illness policy pays out if your are diagnosed with an illness that is listed in the 80 or so illness covered.

The major 3 claims are Cancer,heart attack and stroke but there is a lot more illness covered on polices nowadays which make these plans an excellent protection to have.

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness you are looking at 2 years before you will be fully fit to resume work and there’s not many people who have money saved for this scenario.

A rule of thumb is take out protection  to the level of two times your salary and so the lump sum is then paid to you straight away once the illness is diagnosed by the doctor.

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