Top 3 most important things in life

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Everyone’s view on Life and what they want from it are different.


Some people like to get by on as little as they can while others take as much as they can. Others view life as an opportunity to give back.

Remember Life owes you nothing! That’s my view anyway.

If you have this approach you will find yourself living a healthier and happier life, basically it drives you to enjoy life and experiment with all the fantastic things we can do. We should all have a goal every year. As the saying goes; a man without a dream is a dead man.

Where am I going with this you ask?

In most peoples world, their families are the most important thing naturally. This is why it’s essential to look after them. Ask yourself, have you enough Life insurance to make sure everything will be looked after in the event of your death? Have you a policy in place to keep the household running if you get a serious illness and can no longer work? With Life cover and Serious illness cover these are things you don’t have to worry about. insurance is not as expensive as many think. As parents, head of the family, it’s our responsibility to protect and provide for our family.

Secondly most people want to have a decent retirement. Yes the dreaded word Pension! The majority of people like ourselves work hard for 30-40 years, don’t we deserve to enjoy our retirement and be money-worry free yes? This is why it’s essential to start making way for your retirement. Start your pension ASAP unless your happy working until your 75 and relying on a €180 a week state pension. You can also benefit on tax relief when your contributing to a pension plan.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, the younger you start it the more benefits you will reap in retirement. Don’t be a financial burden on your children!

Finally it’s holidays.We all need a well-deserved holiday. I believe it’s important to have holidays every year and especially if you have kids, a holiday for them too. It recharges the batteries, and gives you something to work for. I often like to picture the pool with my girlfriend and a beer beside me as I wake early for work on a frosty mid-January morning. What I’m saying is short term savings plans are important also,not only for holidays but for your kids 3rd level education. All savings are a bonus but I would advise on 4/5 year term plans as the return is miles ahead of a deposit account with your local bank…

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