Top 5 Places to Live in Ireland in 2021

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Are you looking for a new home somewhere in Ireland but you are not sure what cities and counties would make the best place for you to take the next big step in your life? This list lets you know the top 5 places to live in Ireland in 2021.

  1. Dublin

With buildings and a history ranging back to the 7th century CE, Dublin is the beautiful capital city of the Republic of Ireland with a rich history.

While buying a home in Dublin can get rather expensive, you will be able to reap the many benefits of living in the capital. Proximity to Ireland’s centre of culture and economics means shorter commutes to work in the city. Many forms of Entertainment and fun attractions are within walking distance.

Even as a big city Dublin is also still relatively close to the countryside should you tire of all the urban activity and desire an escape to somewhere more quiet and peaceful.

2. Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

In central Ireland you will find the town of Kilkenny, which can be a very convenient location to live with shorter commutes all over the country.

Kilkenny will also have everything necessary to support a family such as easy access to healthcare service and plenty of good schools, while boasting prices more competitive than those that can be found in Dublin.

3. Dalkey, County Dublin

On the southeastern shore Dalkey is a great choice for home buyers who want to live close to Dublin, but can not afford the higher prices that come with living in the city. Similar to Dublin it was also founded during the middle ages as a Norse settlement, and offers a rich history dating back many centuries.

Dalkey is also less crowded than downtown Dublin, but still has the same access to shops, historical attractions, and food that you might find when living in the capital.

4. Westport, County Mayo

Found on Clew Bay and connected to the Atlantic Ocean, Westport is a planned town founded in the 18th century with beautiful Georgian architecture and gorgeous scenery.

Westport also features an old shipping port called The Quay which now offers many recreational fishing locations, restaurants, and pubs.

With a brilliant combination of solid amenities, an array of entertainment options, and a strong sense of community, Westport will provide you with a great small town community to look for a new home for you and your family.

5. Kenmare, County Kerry

Kenmare is a very small town with a beautiful countryside, and provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a quiet and peaceful place to live. Kenmare is especially appealing to those looking for a nice place to retire.

Even with its small size and population, Kenmare still manages to provide many attractions such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, and local attractions to keep you entertained at the head of Kenmare Bay.