Watch out for fakes! Irish Independent report features founder Karl Deeter.

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The Irish Independent ran a report about websites that are offering people fake documents, in the piece Gardai warned people to be wary of such sites and reminded the public that fraud is a criminal offense if fake documents are used to obtain credit or other financial services.

Our founder Karl Deeter was mentioned as he has been warning about things like this, the extract is below.

Financial expert Karl Deeter said fraudsters have become ever more innovative and that means it’s more important than ever for financial services to use better technology and solutions to prevent it.

“In the past, this would have taken a highly skilled printer, accountant and team of crooked experts to do, now you can buy it rapidly in the dark corners of the internet, it’s a wake-up call for everybody in financial services to be more diligent than ever,” said Mr. Deeter of the mortgage website

For consumers it’s a reminder of why financial services companies might be such sticklers for documentation and verification of same, it’s not you that we are worried about, it’s the likes of the professional criminal gangs and sadly there is no way to tell the good people from the bad. The only way to do that is through diligence.