What to do with paid up or frozen Irish pensions?

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Are you after leaving a company and starting a new job,or did you do this years ago and don’t get any information on your old pension and would like it reviewed.?

This happens a lot of people and there are millions of paid up pensions left with peoples old employers.

Be careful with this.

You should get them transferred to a personal retirement bond,here’s why.

1-Your pension should be reviewed annually and now this isn’t happening

2-You no longer know what funds your money is invested in

3-What are your annual charges?

4-is my pension fund growing??

What i would advise is find a pension broker who will review your old pension annually.

We transfer a lot of old pensions to Prbs(personal retirement bonds)into the clients own name,so when they seek to get their money it’s in their name not their old employers.

This can also cause a lot of hassle at retirement,trying to chase down your old company to sign forms for you etc.

We can make sure your annual charge isn’t too high and most importantly your money is been invested in the correct funds.

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