Whole of Life policies

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A policy sold a lot 10/20 years ago and seems to be causing a stir lately.

A lot of these policies may have been mis-sold as people are now been sent letters saying your premium has increased by €80-€300 and were unaware of the increase,which is not a nice letter to receive.


The financial regulator actually advised against these a few years ago,advising brokers and banks to sell term policies.


With a term policy the price stays the same over a 20/30 year period.

I like term policies because the client knows where they stand,in saying this in some cases like for inheritance tax purposes a whole of life policy is the right plan.


But be careful if you have a whole of life policy,you may need to review this ASAP.

The good news is it’s not too late to change it to term.

Please mail or call me at darragh.farrell@yes.ie and i can advise you what’s best to do if you have one of these plans.

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