What role do solicitors play when buying a home in Ireland?

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When buying a home, you will need to work with a solicitor. So, who are solicitors? By definition, a solicitor in Ireland is a type of European lawyer who has authorization in the Republic of Ireland to pursue various professional activities.

Once they have completed all of the necessary steps to practice law in Ireland as a solicitor, solicitors can have a wide range of various functions. Solicitors can provide clients with legal advice concerning non-contentious matters like home buying or establishing a will. Solicitors can also give you legal advice concerning a legal case. Additionally, solicitors can represent you in court, however a barrister will most likely be required in the High Court and Supreme Court.

There are several specific steps and tasks that solicitors engage in with their clients during the home buying process. They are an essential part of the process and will work closely with you during the home buying journey to ensure that you are protected and that the overall process runs efficiently and effectively.


Conveyancing is the legal services that are required for the transferring of ownership from the buyer to the seller. This transferring of the ownership of the property is an essential step in the home buying process, and your solicitor will ensure that it is done properly.

Before the Offer 

Your solicitor will also provide you with help prior to the offer phase. Another major role that they play during this process is ensuring that the property that you are trying to purchase is “above board,” meaning that the property has been presented in an accurate, honest manner. This step of the process allows your solicitor to provide you with peace of mind.

Contract for Sale

Once you make an offer and the seller accepts it, the seller’s solicitor will draft a Contract for Sale that you are required to sign. This document includes various details about the sale, and your solicitor can provide you with legal advice concerning the document prior to you signing the Contract for Sale. 

Requisitions on Title 

The Requisitions on Title is another major responsibility completed by your solicitor during the home buying process. During this step, your solicitor works with the seller’s solicitor to exactly determine what is included with the transfer of ownership of the property.

Deed of Conveyance

Your solicitor will then draw up the Deed of Conveyance and present that to the seller’s solicitor. Additionally, your solicitor will confirm that there are no other legal issues concerning the property or the seller. Lastly, your solicitor will help you move through the final steps of the home buying process including the transferring of mortgage funds, Stamp Duty, and registration. 

Solicitors are heavily involved in the home buying process, and they provide you with peace of mind related to the legal side of the journey.