4 Home Renovations That You Expect to Add Value That Actually Don’t

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One of the biggest headaches a homeowner can run into is investing time and money into a renovation or remodeling project that they expect to add value to their home that actually does not. This is especially true with renovations a homeowner made for the main purpose of adding value to the home, and is not necessarily something they really wanted for yourselves. Of course, if you want to make a renovation for your own reasons even if it does not add back the value you put into it that is okay, but you should still be aware of some of the most common renovation projects that people usually believe add value to their home that actually don’t. We will share 4 different kinds of home projects that will not actually add as much value back into your home as you would expect.

  1. Swimming Pool Swimming pools are probably the most common upgrade on this list that homeowners expect to add value, but the truth is it will not likely add a real return relative to what you spent on it. The only times adding a pool can come close to returning its value is if your home is in a warmer climate where it can be used year round, if it does not take up most of your yard, and if it fits into the neighborhood. It can be great fun for you and your family to have, but just keep in mind that it will likely still end up costing more than it gives back when you eventually decide to sell your home.
  2. Mismatched High-End Upgrades If you are going to add high end upgrades to update the style of your home you should make sure that they are consistent through your house. Imported fancy tiles might look great but if the next room has clearly outdated carpets from the 1960s then the two styles will clash and look unappealing to potential buyers. So, if you are looking to do some high-end remodeling you should probably take some time and save more money to try and remodel the rest of the home and bring the entire place up to date.
  3. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting A more recent development is home buyers moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting in homes. this is because of the variety of chemicals used to produce such carpeting and other hazards like trapping allergens, which will be a significant red flag for any home buyers with families that are looking at your house. Nowadays investing money in hardwood floors will be more appealing to potential buyers and will add a lot more value back to your home than wall-tow-wall carpeting.
  4. Expanded Master Bedroom A really nice and large master bedroom can be a fantastic selling point for your home. However, the problem with expanding your master bedroom to make it better is what you will lose in the process. If remodeling your home to expand the master bedroom takes away from other living spaces or reduces the number of bedrooms in your house, it may actually take away more value than its worth. The more bedrooms a house has the more you might be able to ask for, so it may not be the best idea to expand your master bedroom if you lose a different bedroom in the process.