Best kids savings plans-tax free

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Why invest for a child?
Have you ever considered the money a child may need when they reach 18?College fees,first car,rental bills etc.
The Zurich Life solution is a fantastic solution to providing for a child’s needs to
ensure that they have funds available to help them with their financial requirements
and to give them the best start possible as they begin their adult life.
Zurich Life has developed the Zurich Life Child’s Savings Plus Plan, a unique
savings vehicle which allows you to invest in the Prisma range of investment
funds. By saving through this plan, you can build up a fund for the child and
by assigning the plan to the child you can make full use of the annual Gift Tax
exemption of €3,000 from any one individual (€6,000 from a married couple) and so, pay no tax on the profit.
For example, if the current children’s allowance of €130 per month was invested in
a Child’s Savings Plus policy from when the child is born, it could build up to a fund
of €36,393.32* by the time the child reaches adulthood at the age of 18. Your
child could then access this fund and use it to give themselves a better start in life.
The Child’s Savings Plus Plan is designed to enable you to save for the child in this
way and this innovative product is available to parents, grandparents, godparents
or any adult relation or friend of a child.
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