Is my money working for me??

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If you are not afraid to lock away your money for 5 years then get your money out of your bank account ASAP.

Kbc and Ebs are amongst the best rates out there for term accounts at a lousy 1.15%.

Irish life, New Ireland and Zurich have fantastic investment opportunities for your money.There is still a lot of money on deposit in this country,approx 90 billion.If people are willingly to invest for 5 years, there are safe consensus funds which are returning up to 10% every year.

These are low risk funds and why more people aren’t getting their money out of the bank i don’t know,its absolutely wasted sitting in a bank and an advisor from the bank calling you and offering you a measly 1.5% and you are supposed to thank them.

Today’s tip for anyone that has  20k plus on deposit is to GET IT OUT QUICK.

Monthly savings plans starting from €100 per month are also another option with fantastic returns.

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