Leading European Mortgage Software Companies

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Mortgage software companies have significantly sped up the process of applying for a mortgage. The financial technological developments that have arisen to help with the mortgage application process have made mortgage applications quicker and easier to understand. These companies were chosen due to their fare rates, fast deal processing times, innovative approach to mortgages, and top of the line service. In no particular order, here are the leading mortgage software companies in Europe.


Trussle is an online mortgage broker service based out of the United Kingdom and was founded in 2015. This company offers online mortgage advice on buying a house or refinancing to their customers for free. What makes Trussle special is that this company compares the mortgage deals every single day and notifies their clients if they can save money by switching to a more beneficial deal. This company’s services are completely free for consumers and receives a fee given to them by the lender once the mortgage is completed. [1]


Habito is a mortgage advice service that is based out of the United Kingdom and was founded in 2015. This company provides an online platform that offers both remortgage services and loans. Using technological innovation and mortgage experts, Habito will find you the best mortgage deal by analyzing mortgages from over 90 lenders. After finding a mortgage you like, a mortgage expert will be assigned to you to update you on your application for the entire mortgage process. [2]


Moneypark is an online mortgage, real estate, health and property insurance service. Money park was founded in 2011 and is currently based out of Switzerland. This company was built to be an independent mortgage broker as well as for insurance products. Moneypark also acts as a middleman between banks and their private customers to help their customers find the best deals on the market. [3] Moneypark is also able to provide property valuations for both buyers and sellers of property, so you can know a reasonable asking price for the property you are buying or selling. [4]


Molo is a fully digitized mortgage lender that prides itself on a direct-to-consumer approach for mortgaging properties. Molo is based out of the United Kingdom and was founded in 2016. Using it’s fully online platform, the company enables users to get a mortgage online in a short period of time without having to worry about submitting paper form or any other paper hoop-jumping. [5] 

This article was written by Ian, an intern for Irish Mortgage Brokers and Yes.ie from the USA.


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