Savings and investment plans

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“You should always look under the bonnet of any fund you are considering investing in – not just in relation to the risk the manager might be taking and the size of the fund, but whether its inclusion in a portfolio is justified relative to your risk profile.”

You should also always talk to an Independent Financial adviser as he will do a risk questionnaire on you and you will receive a risk profile which ye can then go and look at funds suitable for you.

Be careful doing lump sum investments or savings with banks as they are tied agents and your not getting a full view of market funds.

Before choosing an investment fund, understand exactly what kind of tax bill you’ll be hit with on any money you make. At the minute it’s 41% on any profits made on the funds.

With equities very low worldwide it’s an excellent time to invest in a savings or investment plan.(less than 1% deposit rate by banks is insulting)

Irish life and Zurich have a multiple portfolio of funds which have returns of between 6-12%per annum(some cases higher and lower if lower risk funds)

Even if you leave your funds invested in the lowest risk funds you will still get approx 4% per annum as opposed to .75% with most banks.

Get your money out of your deposit banking a/c ASAP.

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