Savings and investments

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Most Irish people have good intentions when it comes to saving, especially during the long months of the year. It’s even worse when the bills come through the door at the same time and the only option is to try to save money by staying in, bringing our lunch to work and cutting back on tea and  coffees.

The great news is it’s amazing how much you can save in just a year when you make a payday promise to put a little money aside each month into a regular savings account.

Whether it’s for a family holiday, a child’s education, a deposit on a first home, or something unexpected, the savings habit is one that we’re all embracing.

Saving your money in a bank earns you little or no interest but if you are willing to save for over 4 years we can get you great returns for your money.Some of our clients savings plans have been retuning over 9%per year,in some cases more.

This does depend on the kind of investor you are but as an example the Irish life safe consensus fund which is low risk has returned around 9% the last 3 years.

As ye all know Investments can go down as well as up,that’s why we need to choose wisely.

So get started with us with your monthly savings or lump sum investment today